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What happened to Homemade Movies?
Why did you leave CineFix?

When will you make more Homemade Movies?


I created Homemade Movies in 2012 and it ran until 2017 when it was cancelled by CineFix (which I was in charge of running at the time as Executive Producer). This was due to the low number of views given the amount of time and effort (which equals high cost) that went into each episode compared to the other series on the channel. I am neither aware of or involved with any new episodes.



Here's the story, originally I made 2 episodes with friends for my own channel DustFilmsOriginals. I then signed on with the brand new movie fan channel CineFix to produce the show independent for them (through my production company DustFilms) as a weekly series. That's a brand new episode with full behind the scenes every single week and keep in mind a movie trailer can consist of 100-200 individual shots, each meticulously recreated by hand. I had enough money each week to pay myself and one producer plus the cost of the episode materials and actors.


I did that for a year and a half and it nearly killed me because the schedule was so demanding and it was a LOT of production, all out of my small house. I was finally able to bring Ben on full time to help with the props/costumes/shooting. I worked 7 days a week, non-stop, living and breathing the show. I even created a second animated show for CineFix called "The Cutting Room" for a season which allowed me to release new episodes every other week (alternating with the animated series.) That all took place non-stop over a year and a half.


Once my contract was fulfilled with those 2 two series I decided it was time to move on to other things and hopefully gain a little bit of sanity in my life back. It was a hard decision but one I was relieved to make. Ben took over the series full-time for a while on his own, at his house. He started using Mark for additional help.


During that time I was hired at Mashable as Executive Producer in charge of a entirely new original series team and I brought Ben on board just as he finished his last Homemade Movies episode. Within the first year Mashable actually acquired CineFix entirely so I was part of my job was to run the channel. Of course I brought back Homemade Movies immediately and had Ben run it full-time as a monthly series mostly from home but this time with the resources of Mashable, still using Mark to help and one of my other producers, Jon. I still got to make many cameos in the show but I was just serving as Executive Producer while those guys did the real work on the show. (BONUS: I filled in for one episode while Ben was on parental leave so I did my first full episode as producer/director since I left the show in 2014, Captain America: Civil War!)


When Ben left Mashable entirely to Executive Produce his own series for Adult Swim I had the show continue monthly with Jon as producer and Mark doing all the props/costumes, now created entirely at Mashable's office/studio. As much as we all loved the show and even though the materials were very DIY, it was just far too time consuming for a team of people to create to justify the low views (especially compared to the other series on CineFix) so it was decided that the series was to be cancelled. 


have not been involved with the show since then and I left Mashable soon after to pursue another great opportunity. It looks like whoever is running CineFix attempted a few things with Mark's help that were branded as "Homemade Movies" but with entirely different formats. 


As far as I know there are no plans to bring the show back although just like when I started it all those years ago on my channel, ANYONE can grab some cardboard and wigs and make their own shot-for-shot trailers! Just don't call it Homemade Movies and no one can stop you, so get our there and start making your own and I'll be happy to watch!


But wait, the show looks so fun. Why did you leave Homemade Movies the first time, was it really THAT hard?

Yes. It was impossible to keep doing it the way I was, entirely running a full production out of my house with very little resources. 


I was solely responsible for producing the entire show from home with no help from CineFix whatsoever and I had 2 shows with them at the time. I had to create an entire company and hire someone to do my accounting just to keep track of all the expenses and making sure people got paid etc. and I spent a lot of my time just managing paperwork and personnel and dealing with last-minute changes from CineFix and dealing with corporate type nonsense. It was hard to then juggle all of the creative aspects of the show(s) and that was a real bummer and huge drain on me. I literally never got a day off, I was lucky to take maybe half a day off on Sundays then start right back over again Monday morning. I had repeatedly asked CineFix for help or to help think of ways to change the way it was produced to ease the burden it was placing on me but they insisted on keeping things the same way. After a very long year and a half my contract was up I decided to stop for my own sanity. 


Ben did an amazing job while he was in charge of it for a period but as the lights were all turning off at CineFix it was truly amazing that we were able to acquire the channel at Mashable and bring it back to life! Things had gone full circle and I was in charge of the entire channel so of course one of the first things I did was bring back Homemade Movies, with Ben as producer/director and then later with Mark and Jon running it together. Even though I was overseeing production on about 12 shows at the time it was very fulfilling in particular to see Homemade Movies still going with so many talented people over the years and bringing it to all the fans!





  • Man of Steel Trailer Dec 20, 2012

  • Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Jan 28, 2013

  • Went viral!


  • Always alternated between a trailer and a scene

  • First episode: Iron Man 3 Trailer Mar 5, 2013

  • Last episode: Star Wars "Death Star Trench Run" Jul 2, 2013



  • Added "mini scenes", original songs, and how-to videos

  • First episode: Spider-Man "Web Shooters" Jul 16, 2013

  • Last episode: Dracula 1931 Trailer Oct 29, 2013

  • Also two clip shows on Nov 5, 2013 and Nov 12, 2013



  • Was supposed to be a month off to prep for the new season and my new animated show "The Cutting room"

  • CineFix scheduled (without asking me) a live action version of the Family Guy intro right in the middle of my break.

    • Ben took over all prep and pre-production and I got to just shoot it then handle all post/editing/music. Released Dec 10, 2013



  • Each episode now had 2 weeks of production and alternated with episodes of my animated series "The Cutting Room"

  • First episode: Top Gun "Dog Fight" Jan 14, 2014

  • Last Episode: Star Wars "Battle of Hoth" Jun 17, 2014

  • After this 12 episode season was completed I did not continue



  • CineFix had a handful of random people make episode with Ben's help in Aug/Sep, 2014 then Ben signed on to fully produce the show himself from his home

    • Episodes were released once per month and each included a spin-off episode called "Homemade How-To"

  • First Episode: Raiders of the Lost Sep 30, 2014 (Starring me as Indiana Jones!)

    • During this time Ben started using Mark to help

  • Last episode: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Oct 20, 2015



  • I brought Ben on board to Mashable to produce various shows

    • I started a series called "DIY Costume Squad" for us to use our costume-making skills 

  • Mashable acquired the CineFix channel and I brought back Homemade Movies as a monthly series with Ben producing mostly from home 

  • First episode: Suicide Squad Trailer Sep 6, 2016

    • Mark was able to continue helping as well as one of my other producers, Jon

  • My first full episode as producer/director since 2014

    • Captain America: Civil War Jan 3, 2017

  • Last Episode: Independence Day 1996 Jul 4, 2017



  • Ben left Mashable so the show continued monthly with Jon and Mark, now entirely created at Mashable.

  • First episode: Thor: Ragnarok Sep 6, 2017

  • Last episode: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Dec 12, 2017


  • I left Mashable to accept a position at a new company in May, 2018



  • A little while after I left Mashable, CineFix tried to do a few videos with Mark's help that were branded as "Homemade Movies" but with entirely different formats from the original iteration.


  • During the COVID-19 lockdown I decided to create a new episode entirely on my own. I released The Batman on Sept 10, 2020

  • A new idea was to create an entirely fan-sourced episode with every shot created by kids around the world. I released Wonder Woman 1984 on December 13, 2020

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