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Executive Producer • Creative Director


Dustin is an experienced creative producer/director with a distinct creative vision and established production chops with over 15 years working in production with emphasis on digital media, establishing him as one of the most unique leaders in digital media.


Dustin was most recently the Director of Video for digital publisher Brainjolt, overseeing the entire video team which created content for all major social media platforms including 17 shows on Snapchat Discover. Prior that that Dustin was the Director of Video North America for Jellysmack, one of the top 10 video publishers in the world with over 3 billion unique monthly video views. Before that he was Executive Producer and Director of Original Programming for Mashable, overseeing dozens of original series and operating Mashable's YouTube channels including CineFix. Notable shows Dustin created, produced (and sometimes hosted) are "Homemade Movies, “DIY Prop Shop”, "DIY Costume Squad", "Scamalot", "The Toy Shop", "Trailer Mix", and "All The Memes". He also oversaw several Facebook Live shows and produced segments for the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. At Brainjolt, Jellysmack and Mashable Dustin not only built and lead lean production teams where he oversaw the creative development of new original series and ran the day-to-day of production, he also created all-new digital studio facilities from the ground up.


Past credits include digital content for NBC's "The Voice", "SuperNews!" on Current TV, the animated Shakespeare series "CliffsNotes Films" and directing music videos such as for Weird Al Yankovic's "Ringtone". His DIY how-to videos and original shorts (which include originating the massively popular “literal video” trend with his parody of Ah-Ha's "Take On Me") earned him tens of millions of views and a fan base of fledgling DIYers from the early days of Youtube to the present.

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