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"Back To The Terminator"    Oct 21, 2015

My first video for Mashable to celebrate the day that Doc and Marty arrive in the future! But what if that future was the post-apocalyptic version from the Terminator movies?



"Star Wars: The Purr Awakens"    May the Fourth, 2015

Shot for shot recreation of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer with kittens! Made for Geek & Sundry.

Side by side comparison



"DIY: GoPro Clamp Mount"    March 9th, 2015

GoPro's clamp mount is a whopping $50, here's the one I made for less than $10 in about 5 minutes over a year ago and have been using ever since. It just occurred to me I should make a video about it.


"DIY: Birdman Costume"    March 2nd, 2015

After finishing my "Best Picture" video I decided to flesh out the Birdman costume video a little more and make a full DIY video for it.

Best Picture 2015: The Song


"Best Picture 2015: The Song"    Feb 16th, 2015

The stars of every 2015 Best Picture nominee join together to sing about their movies!

Making of the song
| Making of the video


"How-To: DIY Apple Boxes"    Jan 20th, 2015

Here's how I made a pair of apple boxes for just the cost of the wood!

Measurements download


"How-To: DIY Soft Box"    Jan 14th, 2015

Here's how to make your own soft box for just $7 (the cost of the diffusion) and some cardboard!


"How-To: Star Wars Blasters & Lasers"    Dec 30th, 2014

This is how to make Star Wars blaster effects or any kind of colorful lasers in your videos using After Effects.


"World War E(bola)"    Oct 29th, 2014

The recent Ebola frenzy might not be limited to just the living. What if the zombies in World War Z didn't attack Brad Pitt because he injected himself with Ebola?!



"DIY Cardboard Iron Man Helmet "    Oct 14th, 2014

I've gotten a lot of requests so I show you step by step how to make your own cardboard Iron Man helmet, just like the one I made for my Homemade Movies episodes.


"Princess Leia rescues Luke Skywalker"    Sept 25th, 2014

What if this famous scene had gone a little differently? Maybe Luke wouldn't be so sure about that tiny grappling hook by Leia would take matters into her own hands.

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of videos that combine handcrafted props and sets with slick visual effects. | Behind-the-scenes!


"The Fly Swatter"    August 29th, 2014

My first video post Homemade Movies, I wanted to do one of my fun action shorts and try some practical and visual effects.



"Star Trek Into Darkness - Homemade"    Jan 28th, 2013 +1 million views!

To follow up the success of my homemade Man Of Steel trailer I decided to give the fans what they asked for! Still shot entirely on my iPhone with no visual effects.

Side-by-side comparison with the original
| Behind-the-scenes!

This was picked up a series on CineFix, CLICK HERE to watch all 50+ episodes!


"Anything For You"    Jan 14th, 2013

Official music video for the song "Anything For You" by Uriah Shelton. I was given a lot of creative freedom to basically do whatever I wanted for this video (with no budget) so this is what I came up with! I've worked in both live action and animation for many years but I have never attempted to blend them together like this.


"Man Of Steel Trailer - Homemade"    Dec 20th, 2012 +200k views!

The trailer for the new Superman movie "Man Of Steel" just came out and I made this shot-for-shot remake as fast as possible! I only used the iPhone to shoot it with the smallest budget possible.

Side-by-side comparison with the original
| Behind-the-scenes!

This was picked up a series on CineFix, CLICK HERE to watch all 50+ episodes!


"Hide And Seek"    Dec 5th, 2012

I was a contestant on Syfy's "Viral Video Showdown" and this is the video I created!

I was up against one other team and we were issued a challenge to take a child's game and turn it into a "frightening horror film". We had 3 days to do it and the camera crews were there for every move and when our videos were complete we faced a panel of judges!


"Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Trailer (Homemade)"    Nov 7th, 2012

"Sweded" re-release 3 of 3

Armed with nothing but an old camcorder and no budget, I set out to recreate scenes from this classic movie!

(Originally from my series "My Movie Show")


"Honey I Shrunk The Kids - Trailer (Homemade)"    Nov 6th, 2012

"Sweded" re-release 2 of 3

Armed with nothing but an old camcorder and no budget, I set out to recreate scenes from this classic movie!

(Originally from my series "My Movie Show")


"Jurassic Park - Trailer (Homemade)"    Nov 5th, 2012

"Sweded" re-release 1 of 3

Armed with nothing but an old camcorder and no budget, I set out to recreate scenes from this classic movie!

(Originally from my series "My Movie Show")


"Blind Justice"    Oct 8th, 2012

What happens when you take a cop for a hostage? You get payback.

This video was made as a promotion for the Original SWAT tactical boots.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Cars vs Helicopter HD"    Oct 1st, 2012

Re-release of one of my older videos, fully restored from the original source footage to look better than ever! Shot in 2008, it was the first live-action video I had made in 7 years and I used a small point-and-shoot camera. Still one of my favorites!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Dustin Plays A Giant Piano"    Sept 10th, 2012

This is what it would be like if I could make little tiny clones of myself and force them to play music. I actually want to get back into making more fun musical stuff like this, I realized that I don't have much of it on YouTube but it's what I've always loved to do!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Laser Shades"    July 16th, 2012

Lasers! In the park! Why not?? Just wanted to do something really fun and over the top. It was easy to shoot but ended up having 45 VFX shots so it took much longer to complete than the usual video. But it was worth it!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Invisibility Cloak"    May 21th, 2012

I really just wanted to try out this trick that I've have in mind for over 10 years, which is to film the sheet in each shot then cut it out to reveal the background. It's a "simple" trick but still took a while to fine tune each shot and make the background blend seemlessly with the foreground.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Remote Out Of Control"    April 24th, 2012

Another simple idea turned into something excitingturned! (And also taking place inside my house.) This time it's chasing the remote control around when it comes to life!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!

also on Break.com


"Making The Bed Like A Ninja"    April 2nd, 2012

The first video for my new channel! I've always had this idea for a video while making the bed but it wasn't until now that I realized I should just make it! After all it doesn't have to be part of a larger story or concept, just short and fun! (Also I have to do these for basically $0 so why not just shoot a few videos in/around my house!)

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!


"Action Sampler"    March 19th, 2012

In preparation for the launch of my new YouTube channel I put together this compliation of rad action stuff that I've already done over the years. I'm going to try to make all new content equally exciting!

Check out the new Channel! (More videos coming soon!)


"Are You Hungry"    Feb 7th, 2012

Official music video for "Are You Hungry" by the band Telstar. I've directed a handful of comedy music videos but this was my first chance to actually conceptualize and create a music video for a really cool band!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!

  "My Movie Show" (series)    Dec 14th, 2011

This is my home-made movie review show, where I recreate all of the movie clips with an old camcorder as cheaply as possible! In each episode I take a look back at a classic favorite as well as a new release.

Episode 1 - Jurassic Park & Harry Potter 7

Episode 2 - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids & Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
  "Death of a Ghostbuster"    Oct 29th, 2011

What happens when one Ghostbuster reaches the end of her rope?

I built this costume for Halloween a few years ago and have always wanted to feature it in a video. I finally found a way, but it required doing some extra special effects to include the 3 other Ghostbusters!

See the making of the proton pack!
  "Wind Power Daredevil"    Sept 7th, 2011

She just loves wind! So much that on non-windy days she rides on top of moving cars!

This video was commissioned by wind-engery company Futurawind
  "Pretty Baby"    July 7th, 2011

For our 7th wedding anniversary I whipped up this barbershop-quartet style song and video. (At first I was just recording the song, that was the hard part, but I decided why not make a video to go along with it!)
  "Dogs And Golden Retrievers"    June 8th, 2011

Ralph sure loves Golden Retrievers! Come along for a day at the dog park as he mingles and talks to other park-goers.
  "Action Hero"    April 21th, 2011

Another video created with the all-girl sketch team "The Get Go" for use in their live stage show at UCB Hollywood. No way I could turn down the oppurtunity for some faux-action and to work with these talented ladies!
  "The Warlock Chronicles"    April 14th, 2011

This was originally just the 3 individual "Warlock Chronicles" fake TV show clips that were used during a live stage show back in November at UCB in Hollywood by the hilarious sketch team "The Get Go". We recently shot the "stage" portions so that it could finally be viewed as a complete video online!
  "Blackswan Dodson"    Jan 27th, 2011

Here is a mashup between Black Swan and internet sensation Antoine Dodson!

(Just for reference, here is the Black Swan TV Spot and here is Antoine Dodson)
  "PleasantVISION"    Jan 6th, 2011

This is a spoof of those ridiculous "HD Vision" glasses. (Watch the actual commercial here!)

I just bought a new camera so I needed a simple video project to practice with, so I pulled this one out of my old idea notebook.
  "On The Run"    Dec 8th, 2010

I made this video for the Popchips online video contest. Submissions had to be 30 seconds and based on a provided synopsis. I came in 4th place, but at least I got some free Popchips out of it! It was fun to shoot, but I think I've done enough running videos to last me for a while.
  "Snuggie Chase"    Oct 27, 2010

This is a short action video I made for the first annual Snuggie Film Choice Awards. It was chosen as one of the 6 finalists. It didn't win but I was super excited to get a free trip to NYC and a ton of free Snuggies! In retrospect I should've at least had the ninjas do some fighting and more tricks. Maybe they are junior ninjas.
  "Holly and Holly"    Oct 13, 2010

This is a video that I made for my friend Holly for her stage show "Prazoff Schmazoff" at the UCB Theater in Hollywood. I pulled out all the old movie-magic tricks in order to make Holly not only interview herself, but participate in a romantic day on the town! Also check out the other videos from the show: The intro video as well as this video about Holly winning "Yo Momma!"
  "Tooted And Pooed It"    Sept 29, 2010

Parody of the song "Toot It And Boot It" by YG.

This song is currently on the radio constantly and it's becoming surprisingly popular. It's so dumb and ready to be made fun of that I rushed to be the first one to do the obvious parody.
  "Hello Delilah"    July 8, 2010

Parody of the song "Hey There Delilah"

Parodies of this song are a dime a dozen, but I've always wanted to do my own. It's been a few years now, so mine is the story of the rise and fall of the most over-played song of 2007
  "The Holly & Rebecca Show"    March 14, 2010

This is the opening sequence for a fake sitcom that was part of a live stage show at UCB by Holly Prazoff and Rebecca Addleman.

"Everyone remembers the classic TV sitcom The Holly & Rebecca Show, a laugh-riot about friends, friendship and funnies."
  "Urine Fuel"    Feb 8, 2010

The Kardosky brothers are doing their part to save the environment by converting their old gas-guzzling car to run on an eco-friendly alternative.

Part of the "Closer Look" mockumentary series.
  "Hard Ticket To Hawaii - shot-for-shot remake"    Feb 3, 2010

1987 gave us the greatest movie ever made. That movie is of course, "Hard Ticket To Hawaii". Now in the year 2010, three brave souls set out to acurately recreate one of the movie's most pivotal scenes...

Watch the original scene here.
  "Meter"    Oct 4, 2009

I just love movie trailers so I thought it might be fun to try and mimic the look and feel of an action movie trailer. I did this purely for my own enjoyment!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video here!

See storyboard sketches here!
  "GPS"    Sept 19, 2009

What would happen if your car's GPS system died? Would you know what to do? Here is one poor soul that did not.

Watch the behind-the-scenes here!
  "You Can't Tell Me (What To Do)"    Aug 6, 2009

Jason Dakota is the teen-pop* sensation taking the world by storm! His songs speak to the young-adult audience by connecting with their everyday struggles. No stranger to the real issues that teens face, Jason sings his heart out about school, parents and boys. (*May or may not be actual teen.)

Watch just the music video
  "Blanket"    May 30, 2009 +300k views!

We've all heard of the "Snuggie", but now there is a new product called "Blanket"! It's a "Snuggie" without holes! Keeps the whole body warm, all at once!

Parody of the original "Snuggie" commercial.

Originally created in 2009, click for original
  "Trash Artist"    Feb 8, 2009

"One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure." Watch local artist Darvius take to the streets with his unique style of installation art.

Part of the "Closer Look" mockumentary series.
  "Send UR Gold"    Nov 19, 2008

You've heard of "Cash 4 Gold", well check out this great new service called "Send UR Gold"!

  "Blinklessness Disorder"    July 28, 2008

An in-depth look at Gary Peters who suffers from "Blinklessness Disorder", a rare condition which inhibits his ability to blink.

Part of the "Closer Look" mockumentary series.
  "Exer-Tech 3000"    June 4, 2008

Originally created in 2008. The Exer-Tech 3000 Complete Workout System is a revolutionary new product that will help you get the body you've always dreamed of! You can use it with many new ground-breaking workouts and even with your old favorites! Order now!
  "Cars vs. Helicopter"    May 2, 2008

Originally created in 2008.
An action packed, adrenaline rush, thrill ride of a movie - two R/C cars face off with an R/C helicopter in the ultimate showdown of R/C supremacy!