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I answer fan questions regularly on my channel so be sure to ask me via social media and you just might see me answer your question in a video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you stop making "Homemade Movies"?

A: I get asked this question at least once a day. It's far too complicated to answer briefly but I'll try: When I was making the show the entire burden of production fell on me; I did have a small team of a few people at different points, but DustFilms produced the show entirely. Which means not only did I direct, DP, edit, and compose the acapella music and SFX for every single episode, I was also fully in charge of the entire budget, hiring crew, all of the casting, scheduling and planning as well as overseeing the editing of the behind-the-scenes. All of the financial stuff is a mountain of paperwork not to mention dealing with taxes at the end of the year!) Did I mention I created all of the logos and branding and related artwork including thumbnails for YouTube? I saw every episode through from start to finish and never missed a deadline. I think you get the point, it was a LOT of work every single day of every week, and it never stopped, ever.

I even started a second show on CineFix called "The Cutting Room" which was animated and enabled us to cut the release of "Homemade Movies" is half and alternate with this show. Long story short, it turned to even more of a nightmare to manage all of that at once and at the end of that season I would have then been doing Homemade Movies non-stop for a year and a half. That's a long freaking time to be going at absolute maximum capacity.

The point is this - as fun as it might have seemed on the surface to make this show I became absolutely miserable, there is no other way to put it. And I'm not afraid of hard work either but at some point you have to wonder how long you can really keep doing something that taking such a toll on you. So I just had to move on to other things. I'm so proud of the show and love every single second of what my team and I made!

Q: Will you please go back to "Homemade Movies"?

A: Maybe one day if the circumstances are right!
Q: How did you come up with the idea for the "literal music videos"?

A: I didn't come up with the concept on my own, it was basically an in-office joke that started at SuperNews, when writer Jonah Ray started playing silly 80s music videos on YouTube and commenting on how ridiculous they were. We would sing along to the videos and make fun of them. I believe it was lead animator Steve Olson who suggested that someone should record a full song like that and then put it back on YouTube. I was just the one who got around to writing a few of them, then I just performed and uploading the first one, which started it all. I had no idea it would be so popular!
Q: Did you create the "Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Version"?

A: Nope. That was created by someone else (For a while it was the #1 most requested song for me to do, I just didn't feel like doing that one) All of my official literal music videos can be found here on the site!
Q: When will you make some more "literal videos"?/Do you take requests?

A: I don't make them anymore at all since they destroyed my old YouTube channel with copyright strikes. Be sure to subscribe to my new channel for all kinds of fun new spoofs and original stuff!
Q: Do you sing all of your "literal videos" and how do you sound like the original singers?

A: Yes, I do sing all of them myself. I don't how I do it, I just enjoy doing impressions of singers!
Q: Are you available for freelance animation or music?

A: Not really, I prefer to focus on directing live-action. But I'm always open to looking at a project to see if it interests me!
Q: Do you have a mailing list?

A: I sort of stopped sending it out so just follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what I'm up to!